Righton speedy K is one of the most advance engineering Autorefractometer / keratometer. With the medical retro illumination mode it makes the speedy k auto- refractometer the most advanced autorefractomerter. Speedy k has a 5.5 inch high quality monitor which makes alignment and focus easy for getting faster reading. Keratometery measurement can be taken as fast as 0.35 seconds.

Handheld Auto-Refractometer

The Retinomax Series 3 is the World’s Leading Handheld Refractor and Keratometer.The Retinomax 3 Series boasts all the same benefits as the Retinomax 2 Series, plus an impressive collection of new features.

  • Lighter with Thinner Grip
  • Switch to quick mode automatically if no measurement is made within 6 seconds.
  • NEW Auto Pupil Measurement, Display And Printout

Results can be used in checking accommodation, mydriasis, ADIE and Horner-associated syndromes.

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