Keeler Ophthalmoscopes

Professional Ophthalmoscope

The KEELER Professional ophthalmoscope has been designed to ensure ultimate control. Lenses, graticules, and filters can be easily use at the touch of a fingertip without the need to pull away from the patient. The Keeler Professional ophthalmoscope by using Xenon illumination gives a brighter and whiter long lasting light, more power and fewer bulb changes.


  • Xenon Illumination bulb
  • Ultimate control
  • Wide range -30 to +29D
  • Quick step (+/- 20D)
  • Brow rest
  • Swing over filter

Specialist Ophthalmoscope

The ophthalmic profession has been chosen Keeler Specialist Ophthalmoscope for decades.The new design of Keeler Specialist makes it without doubt the best engineered ophthalmoscope in the world which offers precision optics, versatile features, and 30%more Xenon illumination.


  • Xenon Bulb
  • Expand diopter range (-45 to +44 D)
  • Pupillometer gauge
  • Premium optics

Wide Angle Twin Mag

The Keeler Wide Angle Twin Mag (WATM) with a 10x larger field of view is easy to use to use. The glass optical system provides non-polarized light giving you two exceptional views and magnification in a lightweight, easy to use instrument.


  • Non polarized light
  • Small Pupil Capabilities
  • Glaucoma diagnosis and monitoring
  • Corneal examination
  • Compatible with Keeler NICAD or Lithium handles and  charger

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