Heine BIOs

Omega 500

The Heine Omega 500 with mPack Unplugged rechargeable battery is highly comfortable and lightest cable-free system on the market. The Heine OMEGA 500 has been modified for even better views of the fundus. Heine Omega 500 with multi-coated illumination system, and a new XHL Xenon Halogen Technology bulb reduces corneal reflexes and ensures clear, high-resolution images of the fundus.


  • Standard or Unplugged
  • Light weight
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • PD range 46 to 74mm
  • Optimized optical system

Omega 200

Omega 200 is a head worn indirect ophthalmoscope with integrated teaching mirrors. Omega 200 Lightweight ensures maximum comfort for a long term use. You can have Exceptional quality of image and illumination without UV/IR with multi coated optics.


  • Ideal for teaching and OR
  • Integrated teaching mirror in both side
  • separate fine tuning of illumination
  • XHL Bulb
  • Synchronized adjustment of illumination and observation beams

Sigma 150

Heine Sigma 150 with adjustable headband and cushion is the first convertible (spectacle or headworn) BIO. Two separate adjustment control for parallax and convergence suit any pupil size. Adjustable illumination beam eliminate reflex during the examination.


  • Integrated red free filter
  • PD range 48 to 74 mm
  • Xenon Halogen Bulb
  • Detachable blue and yellow filters

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