A Lensmeter or Lensometer is an ophthalmic equipment which is mainly used by Optometrists and Opticians to verify the correct prescription eyeglasses to properly orient and mark uncut lenses, power of contact lenses, and to confirm the correct mounting of lenses in spectacle frames. The lensmeter is also used to check the accuracy of progressive lenses. Lensometers can determine the focal length and axis of any ophthalmic lens, multi-focal or progressive lens.

It is recommended that in order to keep your lensometer in a perfect working condition,  every 12 to 15 months have the instrument to be overhauled and calibrated. In every repair by our professional technicians, we check your lensometer Axis, target movement, dotting mechanism, collective lens, power read out, and we make sure the lenses are free of dust or any debris.

Marco Lensmeter Model 90 Lensmeter Shinnipon Lensmeter

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