Proptix Medical offers complete overhaul services and cleaning for the most models of Manual Phoroptor / Manual Refractor , please call for special rate.

A phoroptor or Refractor is an instrument which is used by optometrist and ophthalmologist during an eye examination, containing different lenses used for refraction of the eye during examination for determining his or her prescription.The major components of the phoropter/refractor are the JCC (Jackson Cross-Cylinder) used for astigmatism correction, Risley prism to measure phorias and vergences, and the (+), (−), and cylinder lenses.

The grease and lubricant agents on the inside of the phoroptor and refractor becomes dry within two years. This causes significant issues in phoroptor such as difficulty in moving the axis knob, prism and PD mechanism. The Proptix Medical regular preventive maintenance program with professionally trained technicians keeps your phoroptor or refractor in perfect working condition and allows you to achieve excellent optical performance. In addition of PM, we offer complete overhaul service, maintenance, and repair all kind of phoropter or Refractor which made by well known manufacturer like Topcon, Reichert, Marco, AO across Canada.

Reichert Illuminated Phoropter Reichert Ultramatic RX Master Phoropter
Marco RT-700 Refractor Marco RT-300 Refractor

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