Reichert Tonopen Applanation Tonometer

Proptix Medical offers complete overhaul services for the most models of Tono-pen( XL -Avia).

Tono-pen Avia or Tono-pen XL may have a reading difficulty, erratic reading  or showing “BAD” during calibration. This kind of error usually occur whenever transducer tip is dirty and requires general cleaning repair service or complete overhaul repair. For more information regarding this kind of error or any other problem please call us for getting cleaning instruction. In proptix medical, we professionally overhaul, clean, calibrate, and repair all models of Tonopen .

Tonopen AVIA  with advanced electronic measurement allows operators to take accurate IOP measurements with minimum  training. With new POWERCEL battery Tonopen AVIA has a 4 times longer lasting battery to compare with Tono pen XL. For minimizing patient cross contamination  Tono pen AVIA like Tonopen XL uses sanitized Ocu-Film .


Tonopen AVIA  with 1.0mm transducer tip shows the average of 10 independent IOP readings along with statistical indicator which ensure accuracy, repeatable,and reliable result.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • No Daily Calibration
  • Intelligent

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